In an attempt to better share our current activities with our network, SFL is beginning an SFL Around the World blog post series.  At the beginning of each month, each region will post an update to their regional blog page to share their current activities.  Please stay tuned for more updates next month!

Fresh academic year is starting across Europe. That also means that summer holidays are right behind us. However that is not the case in European Students For Liberty where traditionally July and August have been busy months for all of the movers and shakers in the student liberty movement in preparation for an intense fall, full of learning, challenging ideas, discussions and opportunities to confront different and opposing ideas in a setting made for exactly that – University.

TOP 100 Retreat

top100In the preparation for the new academic year as well as the upcoming Regional Conference season, ESFL organised it’s first ever TOP 100 Retreat bringing several generations of pro-liberty leaders active in ESFL from all across Europe to discuss strategies for promoting liberty in the coming year, work on regional plans to further the causes they are working on and continue planning on different campaigns such as the continuing No Nanny Campaign.

Take a minute to check out this great video compiled by our leaders from the TOP 100 Retreat.

LLY Summer Academy

LLY AcademyThirty students participated in the traditional five-day long Summer Academy organised by leaders from our partner Lithuanian Liberal Youth. With an attendance of various international lecturers, the academy is a great opportunity to learn more about the principles of liberty in the history of Lithuania as well as more practical skills such as events management. The participants also got the chance to work on several projects during the academy.

Icelandic Free Summer Academy

IMG_1573Attended by nearly forty students, Icelandic Free Summer Academy was organised in order to reinstate the tradition of having a classical liberal/libertarian summer academy each year on Iceland. The FSA was oraganised from 8th to 10th of July. It started with a Friday social at Professor. Hannes Hólmsteinn Gissurarsson (member of Mont Pelerin society) estate and continued throughout the whole weekend with the total of 7 lectures on philosophy, economics, environment protection, entrepreneurship and more.

ESFLC17 Website and Theme

We are proud to to announce the new European Students For Liberty Conference website. In the past few years we have been seeing an extraordinary success of sharing economy and modern technology in general. We have seen an astonishing rise of the Blockchain technologies, hundreds new start-ups being started up in the fields of fintech, communications and elsewhere. We have been hearing both practical and philosophical discussion on the future of singularity and AI. For this reason, we have chosen the theme LetShare for this year’s conference.


You can check-out our new website and keep coming back to for new announcements. Our first group of speakers announced includes Jamie Bartlett, blogger, journalist and author of the bestselling book The Darknet, Dr Stephen Davies, Head of Education at Institute for Economic Affairs, Lars Tvede, author and entrepreneur and Iyad El-Baghdadi a notable Arab Spring activist who used technology and social media throughout his activism.